In Less Than 60 Days You Could Be Launching Your New, Stunning Personal Brand That Captures You In A Way That Attracts Dream Clients

*Current launch time is 30 days after your photoshoot images return .Or your brand is 100% FREE. The  personal branding experience will shift your entire business direction online.

Aligned Brand Strategy

Ensuring your new brand fully aligns with you and your business.

Word Class Development

It's not just a logo, or a set of colors and fonts, it's a mission identity.

The Epic Photoshoot

The setup of an amazing shoot for your new brand.

Brand Copy That Converts

The words and language used within your brand are critical to its success.

Stunning Site Design

Just like the examples on this page, your site will stun visitors.

Lead Funnel Strategy

We will come up with the strategy to help turn a prospect into a client.

Creation Of Your Offer

Now you have a lead, it's time to get them enrolled with your offer.

Mentorship With Simon

I will work with you 1-1 to fine tune you and your business strategy.

Current launch time is 30 days after your photoshoot images return .Or your brand is 100% FREE.

Our Proven Formula Turns New Visitors Into Fans Who Want To Start A Conversation With You

The Pajama Coach

Valerie Santiago

This brand started from a simple conversation when Valerie said "I actually coach in Pajamas". I said, so you're "the pajama coach?". She was so excited that we launched the brand and she's picking up consistent monthly clients with her 'Bedtime Journal' daily email.

  • The PJ Shoot was well thought out. We wanted 'New York Fashion' meets honest, raw and relatable and it's working.

  • How Does She Get Clients? Through the daily bedtime journal, clients reach out for a free call. 

The Modern Spiritual Man

The mission to help men heal, grow and become more confident

This is a new project based on the version of the man I am now.

  • The Awakening Journal is the primary call to action on the site along with free audios.

  • The Mobile Version, of the site is important as 60% of visitors first check on their mobile and then head to desktop.

Sheila Mac

Bootstraps & Brastraps

The personal brand for Sheila came after the development of her self-published book Bootstraps & Brastraps which I've also assisted with. 

  • Brand Strategy with Sheila was about her putting together a 'formula' of how she's had massive success despite her past.

  • Leads Are Flowing, due to her new book and the brand will support that book launch. 

Love Joe

Joe Atalig

This has been such a fun brand to build, with the primary focus to get visitors to listen to Joe's amazing soulful voice for his new podcast.

  • Blending Love with Coaching produces a fun, lively and approachable way for users to connect with Joe who is truly the voice of love.

  • Joe's Brand will be used to help build his event Love Wave Live as well as develop his coaching program called Tough Love Coaching.

Candice Hozza

Helping To Align Entrpreneurs

Candice approached me after she was unhappy with her existing site and wanted something that would fully showcase her amazing abilities as a spiritual guide.

  • The Pillars of business alignment were created to help bring her skills out into a formula that prospects could relate to.

  • A Relationship Building Video Series, was created to help create a solid relationship.

Your New Client Attracting
Could Be Launching In...


NOTE. The first 30 days are strategy and shoot and the second 30 days are development. You can launch within 60 days, however this is down to the client providing everything on time that is required. 

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